By Mubanza Haggai (@mubanza)

We had Benezeri’s #Zuukuka (part 1) from his 2013I’m Benezerialbum receiving airplay on radio stations and television stations with an anti-corruption message, there’s now a sequel. The song has Benezeri featuring BigTril and Ruyonga; it starts with a narrative by Ruyonga with a sample of worthy self-awareness lines and prepares us for the theme of the song.

BigTril steps up to the occasion and does the first verse of the song, he delivers with that trademark energy spit of his pointing out how we are so far down the corruption rabbit hole that it feels like we need a miracle to come out of it the chorus comes next with the wake-up call for us to make the world a better place leading to Ruyonga’s verse who receives the beat with that ‘Ruu’ flow that makes him one of the best in Africa, he highlights how we’re quick to blame the government but bribing traffic policemen whenever against the law has never haunted us.

Now, as the song approaches verse three, there’s a well-timed switch up in the beats whose credit goes to the song’s producers Izaya and Samurae. Benezeri does the #Zuukuka theme justice highlighting how the corrupt are hypocrites who deserve to be punished and we should pick up our placards and protest this injustice. 
The song’s release is slated for 13th Monday, January 2014.

Nice beats. Great message. Amazing flow. Worth downloading.
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