EXCLUSIVE: Zinge – Play01 x Adrenalyn Muzik

EXCLUSIVE: Zinge – Play01 x Adrenalyn Muzik

By @TheCountMarkula

Last year, we hosted Play01 on episode 7 of The Tribe UG Podcast; he was quick to let us know that he had some FIRE music in store. He even promised that his album would be released in 2021, but the year came to an end, and a number of people thought he had forgotten his promise. However, Play01 explained that the heat that was on the album deserved to be released outside the Lockdown/curfew phase.

On New Year’s Eve, Play01 tweeted a “polite threat” to rappers that might have slept through the “covid years,” letting them know that he owed the people entertainment and that he was going to apply pressure throughout 2022.  In case you missed it- worry not –


This Week, the Jinja Bred rapper came through with the first wave of entertainment. Play01 dropped his brand new single “Zinge” featuring Adrenalyn Muzik, so you know it’s a banger! This is the first song off Play01’s long-awaited album, A.U.R.A (A Ugandan Rap Album). On the podcast, he promised us an album that would feel very Ugandan, and I don’t think there’s anyone out there who can doubt it after listening to Zinge. I know that I have heard/had the very conversations in the song when out in the bar. I’m pretty sure you have too.

Play01 brought Adrenalyn Muzik on board to elevate the party feeling. We know the duo doesn’t miss a step when it comes to feel-good music. They have given us hits like “Some ka money“, “Kukyakala” and the fairly recent “Sukali” featuring Kohen Jaycee. Their contribution to Zinge is a reminder that they are not here by mistake! I mean, they have one of the most-streamed #UGHipHop songs of “The Covid Era” so they deserve all the respect!

If you haven’t yet checked it out, please note that we’re outside and the weekend is around the corner (not that we ever wait until the weekend in this Uganda), so you need to get familiar. Check out the official audio below:

If you haven’t listened to Play01’s Jinja Bred album (available on all streaming platforms), then you need to go back, listen and take note. He clearly knows how to put together a good body of work. The album is still flames, even after all these years. That’s why we’re eager to listen to what he’s cooked up for A.U.R.A! With Zinge, we are clearly off to a great start!

@PauloTheWriter said he thinks some of Play01’s songs are bigger than the artist, but if he keeps this up, he will definitely catch up and go beyond. The people deserve to know who is behind the fire. Allow me to “snitch”. The person responsible is right here! It’s Play01!

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