#Yansakata-Kyle ft. FlexD’Paper [Song Review + Download]

I am pretty sure the phrase Yansakata, yansakata, yansakata kiboko nazimatirais familiar to most of us from our childhood days. Well, Kyle (@uptownKyle) borrowed that phrase, called up one of his buddies first name Flex, last name D’Papper and made a song about it.
Hey, relax. The man released a song; he did not bring world peace. As I was saying, Yansakata  is  song telling  a story/ experience/ feelings of  a boy (young man) who is smitten by a girl (young lady) he just met and just like one would expect, it is the ultimate song for people who are drunk in love or working towards achieving that goal.
Kyle has continued to prove to us that he means business in our entertainment industry and is here to stay, as he releases hit after hit. Brother is shaking things up!
There are many things that contribute to a good song for example; a great beat, catchy lyrics, great production, well thought & selected out artists to be featured and a unique voice. Yansakata is what we call a breath of fresh air as it combines all the above aspects. It is because of this that I can confidently request you to go ahead and DOWNLOAD it.
Length: 3:40
Genre: RnB   
Watch Behind The Scenes Of The Yet To Be Released Yansakata Video Here.
Connect with Kyle;
Twitter: @UptownKlye
Connect With @MarriedToKush (twitter) 
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