Who Got Next?

Who Got Next?

One of our main goals at The Tribe UG has always been to see the UG Hip-Hop industry grow. In episode 002 of The Tribe UG podcast, we were highlighting the “youngins” that are feeding the industry with their music. We might have missed out on a few others, and we’re looking forward to seeing who else is out there bringing the heat. That said, it is great to know that some of the guys we mentioned on our list have since gone ahead to release some new music. I guess we were on to something after all!

The Homie released a freestyle video on IGTV, show-casing his skills! Perfect video to let you know what he’s about.


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Larry has dropped two new singles “Supernova” and confidence where he’s basically trying to get everyone familiar with who he is and what he brings to the table.

Vibe with Mootownoh and his Escapades. The young rapper produced and dropped Water featuring Lagum. He also dropped Distance featuring Lagum, Mxestro and Tokie.

St. Maxi Mayne announced his upcoming album “Endongo Ye Masaka”

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