Wake – Kala Iwe

Wake – Kala Iwe

There’s a certain calibre of creatives  that is top notch and almost exclusive. You only get to be a part of it not because you’re popular or your creations are but just because your creations are exceptionally genius. This is the calibre that I would’ve to put Wake and Izaya in. When Wake puts together a piece, whether in English or Lugwere, you’ll be left saluting him, as for Izaya, whatever he touches, its futuristic and present at the same time. Now put the two together and you’ll get music that’s going to transcend generations, music that’s going to be timeless. That’s what defines “Kala Iwe” from the lyrics to the sound.  “Kala Iwe”, which is a Lugwere phrase that simply translates to ‘you girl’. It is a celebration of love. The song was produced by Izaya and mixed and mastered by Nelson Muhire. If you doubt what I’ve written up, just hit download!

Download: Wake – Kala Iwe 


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