VIDEO REVIEW: Navio – Mad.

VIDEO REVIEW: Navio – Mad.

By @paulothewriter

I am constantly fascinated by Navio’s energy and relentless effort to outdo himself. He has been running in his own lane for the longest time and it’s truly his extra push for perfection that ages his creativity like wine.

The type of wine that gains complexity and depth as it ages.

“Mad” is an insanely beautiful music video. It captivates the nerves of your visual senses that acknowledge beauty. With stunning visuals that are as gentle as the song, the presentation is one where it’s not possible to imagine a better video.

Coming off his latest album Vibes Out The East (VOTE), the Mio Made produced “Mad” slots in at track 9 on an album where it’s not that obvious to choose your best song. Every song is different from the other and inexplicably better than the other.

The intricate choreography; the Balinese dancers with their vibrant colors and their delicate wavy dancing, the mesmerizing natural sceneries that are the backdrop of the video, the  Maganda Dancers on the bridge walkway, the stunning video vixen that is the perfect portrayal of “there is a thin line between elegantly classy and sexy,” she nails it – every aspect of the video is an intentionally crafted detail that compliments the song.

The theme is immediately obvious and Navio’s kitenge outfits (African print, designed by @nasimbwaforyou) beautifully blend into the nature and cultural fusion concept that breeds this breathtaking visual composition.

The statement that the video is relaxing is not an exaggeration. The vacation setting and the laid-back tempo of the song provide a sense of relaxation that many of us may not have the chance to experience. It is a bit unfortunate, but thankfully, we have this video to transport us to that type of enjoyment.

Navio deploys what we have called his superpowers and “Mad” essentially has everyone covered.

If you’re not a fan of rap, don’t worry, he’s got singing covered. And for those who prefer rap, he’s got that covered as well creating a unique experience of “Navio featuring Navio” and if you are him, this is the only way to serenade your Queen.

In essence, the video for “Mad” is simply beautiful. When you take an honest moment to think about it, this piece marks a significant milestone in Navio’s evolution as an artist and a brand. Everything he has created has surpassed typical conventions and trends, affirming his position as a legend. It doesn’t matter how you may feel about this; Navio knows he is a legend, and we all recognize it too.

On my scale, I give it a perfect score of 10 out of 10.

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