VIDEO: Some Ka Money – Adrenalyn Muzik

VIDEO: Some Ka Money – Adrenalyn Muzik

‘Some Ka Money’ is it, what’s more anthemic for these corona virus pandemic times where everyone is holed up and locked down in there hood instead of being out there chasing more money, Adrenalyn Muzik comes through with a banger reiterating what’s on everyone’s minds.

Adrenalyn Muzik is a duo rap group, the two rappers ushered in the music year with a dope UG Hip-Hop Awards performance and true to spirit are looking to make 2020 a year for the taking with the release of their new music video.

Producer extraordinaire Aethan’s beat coupled with the lyrics to match, a JahLive video full of vibes that offers a cameo from rapper Santana, a story line that leads to a party scene that given the current lockdown seems like ages ago.

Dope song. Cool video.


Download It Here.

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