VIDEO: Nkomyewo – Bana Mutibwa

VIDEO: Nkomyewo – Bana Mutibwa

It’s been quite some time since we last heard from Lugaflow Revolutionary Human Rights Activist, Bana Mutibwa. He has now made a powerful return with “Nkomyewo,” which translates to “I’m back.” The track serves a dual purpose: 1) announcing Bana Mutibwa’s musical comeback after a three-year hiatus, and 2) celebrating his selection by the Obama Foundation for the prestigious Obama Leaders program—a significant accomplishment in anyone’s career.

Bana Mutibwa has always consistently used his music to give a voice to the voiceless, addressing various social issues and challenges currently faced by Ugandan citizens. On this particular track he tackles a lot of issues from “drone kidnappings” to fraudulent religious leaders, he tackles these topics while also seeking solutions. Furthermore, the song reflects his journey thus far and advocates for the release of political prisoners.

The accompanying visuals show Bana Mutibwa exploring Mapusa Municipal Market in North Goa, India, interacting with locals. The video then transitions to the ghettos of Uganda, featuring graffiti artist Alexx Page painting a mural of Bana Mutibwa. This demonstrates how hip-hop has been a revolutionary force for Bana Mutibwa, taking him around the world as an activist while remaining deeply rooted in Ugandan communities as an activist who fights for the voiceless using lugaflow rap.

As we eagerly anticipate more music from the former president of End of the Weak Uganda, we look forward to his upcoming album, “Essays of a Revolutionary MC” and join him in celebrating his milestones alongside the rest of the Ugandan Hip-Hop community.

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