VIDEO: Afrie – Balongo (Live)

VIDEO: Afrie – Balongo (Live)

Afrie has once again proven her exceptional talent as a singer and songwriter with her latest single “Balongo” from the “SiS” EP (Sunflowers in Sahara). The live acoustic performance of the song showcases her raw vocal prowess, accompanied by the tender strumming of an acoustic guitar. As she sings, the depth of emotion in her voice is palpable, perfectly capturing the essence of the lyrics and the heartwarming story of love and loyalty. The song’s lyrics, which revolve around the theme of unwavering support and commitment between two lovers, is beautifully penned. Afrie’s use of  “Balongo” (Wasswa-Nakato) to symbolize the closeness and inseparability of the couple adds a touch of cultural uniqueness to the song, making it even more relatable & captivating.

Afrie’s live performance further elevates the song, as her emotive delivery creates an atmosphere that draws the audience in. The simplicity of the acoustic arrangement allows her powerful voice to shine, while the subtle harmonies and delicate instrumentation enhance the song’s emotional impact. The “SiS” EP, which features a range of diverse tracks, is a testament to Afrie’s growth as an artist, and “Balongo” is a standout example of her ability to evoke deep emotions through her music. Afrie’s undeniable talent and passion shine through in every line, making “Balongo” a song that will undoubtedly touch the hearts of all who listen.

So, don’t hesitate to get yourself a copy of the EP by calling or WhatsApp 0754125372 at only UGX. 30K. Remember that a percentage of the proceeds will go towards sponsoring the education of a Karamojong girl, making this purchase not only an investment in your music collection but also a contribution to a great cause.

“Balongo” is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates heartfelt music and powerful storytelling. Afrie’s stunning live acoustic performance will surely captivate and leave you wanting more from this talented singer-songwriter. Watch “Balongo (Live) (Lo-Key Sesssion)” below.


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