#UGCYPHER2 Verse Of The Day – Tucker HD

“Awesome familia, Martha Smallz in the rear/
In stu my Saba Saba sings in a voice so familiar to Maurice’s, Kirya/
Ill? it’ll forcefully heal ya, remorsefully kill ya/
In the zone, I’m Chuck Norris, mic’s on Ima off a superior/
Flow splendid, they’re all offended/
Their careers, kill ’em all off. Ended. Then fall back like Jerome Boateng did/
Bringing cash in, I’m on my Charles Mayiga Peter/
The naked truth you Beliebers, you cowards & divas act on the net is see-through, Mbabazi Eva/
Trash your albums boy/
How come? If there’s no Tucker verses, then that’s the outcome/
Slight contact & you might contract Ebola/
OG, the rest of you rappers fake hip. Fabiola’s./”
-Tucker HDConnect With Tucker
Facebook: Tucker HD
Twitter: @TuckerHDMusic

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