#UGCYPHER2 Verse Of The Day – Ruyonga

August 8th, Gloryfire, Rruu!
I’m still Africa’s newest spokesman/
Close your eyes & you can see me covered in goat’s skin/
Warning the world about Christ’s coming, judgment approaching/
So when I challenge your thoughts, yeah I’m tryna provoke em/
Volcanic, spit lava, few liver with the saliva/
When it comes to rhyming I’m a thriver & a survivor/
The Hip-Hop equivalent of a thousand planets colliding/
Each with a million cans of lit dynamite blasting inside them/
Ever since my King was nailed to a cross, I ain’t in no gang/
So I make no claims with my fingers crossed, ain’t bothered with the cost/
Ssebo sitya loss, you’re gonna wanna pick the boss/
Finding my name by that ballot box the only time you wanna tick me off./
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