#UGCYPHER2 Verse Of The Day – NAVIO

#UGCYPHER2 Verse Of The Day – NAVIO

And I ain’t even reached my best years/
It’s genetic, older I get less fear/

Mama got stabbed & she never shed tears/

So you best believe that we’re coming for that cheque, yeah/
You owe me something, oo that’s a mess there/
The whole we bluffing? Now I know your set scared/
Dudes take shots like it’ll grow em chest hair/
I’d hate to whoop you in these Jordans, damn that’s my best pair/
If I go away the whole chart missing/
Flex talk truth & everybody start b****ing/
Went from, alcoholic, to Rapaholic/
Nav need a mirror to tell himself “god I got it” I Got It./

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