Uganda Calling: Who Got The Bars?

Uganda Calling: Who Got The Bars?

Ugandan Hip-Hop has been exciting this year especially on the commercial front. However its not “UG Hip-Hop” unless the underground circuit is a part of it and that’s what “Uganda Calling: Who Got The Bars?” is all about. You may have been scrolling through your social media and seen the hashtag #UgandaCalling: Who Got The Bars and it left you puzzled. We’re here to break it down for you and how you may be a part of it. “Uganda Calling: Who Got The Bars” is a brain child of G+ Creatives a media agency with operations in both Germany and Uganda that aims at showcasing the best underground talent Uganda has to offer. The team behind G+ Creatives is taking a different approach to the underground circuit from which we are used and that is documentation and the will showcase Ugandan talent in its raw uncensored style.

With focus on the unknown talent underground rappers, G+ Creatives is hitting different Kampala hoods such as Makindye, kawempe, Rubaga & others in which they link up with rappers, document them in their true element as the rappers do what they do best on the microphone. The visual documentation of these underground rap battles will then be shared via the G+ Creatives social handles G+ Creatives on Facebook, @G_Creatives on twitter & on G_Creatives Instagram) every week. So, you can follow them, like, comment and watch what the Ugandan underground circuit has got to offer. E It’s from these talented rappers that one will be chosen to represent his hood and battle it out with the fellow emcees for the crown. Furthermore the winner will walk away with sponsorship from G+ Creatives to record and shoot visuals for the song.

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