#TuckerTuesdays2014 [Free Download]

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

The first song review we ever did on the blog was Tucker’s ‘Campu’ back in 2013 and today we are hosting a compilation of his 2014 #TuckerTuesdays. #TuckerTuesdays2014 consists of all songs & freestyles that Tucker Released last year under his platform “#TuckerTuesdays”.

On that note we would want to thank any one who contributed to our 2014 being a good year, we truly appreciate and have a blessed 2015!

Download #TuckerTuesdays2014 here (76.73MB)

Connect With Tucker
Facebook: Tucker HD
Twitter: @TuckerHDMusic

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Twitter: @TheNinjaFelix 
Facebook: Byaruhanga Felix Felifed 
Email: TheNinjaFelix@gmail.com

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