By Byaruhanga Felix(@TheNinjaFelix)
Hip-hop is one of the fastest growing & highly competitive genres in Uganda. While the lyricists may get all the credit, we at The Tribe UG after a heated argument of the top 10 new skool rapper in Uganda we decided to recognize those producers slaving behind the boards, so we put together a list of the top hip-hop producers(currently) in no specific order. You may not agree with all of the selections so we would like to hear your opinions, drop a comment, Facebook us (The Tribe UG) or send us a tweet (@TheTribe_UG) but don’t “bitch-out” on us (don’t catch feelings) when your favorite producer is not on our list.
  • Samurae(Talent Africa)
  • JT(Yego Productions Ltd)
  • Aethan(Aethan Music)
  • Koz N’ Effekt
  • O’lee Branch
  • Stonetown Chase
  • Hannz Tactiq(Hannz Records)
  • L.O.B(Leavy On The Beat/Ge-Urban/Urban Aksent)
  • Lawraid(Urban Aksent)
  • Analytical Alz(Alz Music/Don Bridge Records)
  • Josh SB
Meanwhile 9th August is the #VictoryMusic Album concert & later in September is the Yego Production concert let’s all be there to support the industry.S/O to every one developing and adding value to the  UG Hip Hop industry rappers, DJs, TV & radio personalities.

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