The Tribe UG: Press Play | Break – The Homie

The Tribe UG: Press Play | Break – The Homie

The Tribe UG’s Press Play continues to showcase some of the finest talent in the rap scene, and The Homie’s new song “Break” is no exception. With a grunge aesthetic brought to life by the production team led by LNF, this track is a testament to The Homie’s determination and skill as a battle rapper.

“Break” showcases The Homie’s lyrical prowess, as he spits lines about his journey, success, and unrelenting drive to keep pushing forward. The hook of the song, “I put 100 in the safe, tell these rappers they ain’t safe, I was working every night, I was caught up in the hype but look I finally caught a break,” is a catchy reminder of how hard work pays off and sends a message to other rappers that they should always stay on their toes.

The Homie’s verses demonstrate his ability to switch between themes effortlessly, touching on topics such as money, ambition, and even spirituality. In the second verse, he raps, “I’ve sinned against the Lord and I just hope that He is merciful,” illustrating his introspective side and self-awareness.

“Break” is a powerful and infectious track that showcases The Homie’s talent as both a rapper and a storyteller. His relentless ambition and ability to weave a compelling narrative make this song a must-listen for fans of the genre. As The Tribe UG’s Press Play continues to bring new talent to the forefront, The Homie has undoubtedly earned his place among the rising stars.


About The Tribe UG: Press Play

Over the years, we have been a part of the industry, and we have noticed that only a few music videos are being released by the rap industry despite large number of songs. This was/is due to the logistics and finances involved in shooting/releasing music videos. As a way to address the challenge, through our parent company Skyline Media UG  we’ve come up with the platform/property “The Tribe UG: Press Play” through which we will produce visuals for some of our favorite rap/UG urban songs.

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