The-Mith Set To Release New Single – #NdiSteady

The-Mith Set To Release New Single – #NdiSteady

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

The Klear Kut Kapo (The-Mith) is set to release his fourth official single “Ndi Steady”  off his “Destination AFRICA” album. The song is produced by one of UG’s notable hip-hop producers by Koz-N-Effekt. The song  is about knowing that we all go through challenges but one has to be ready to get through the challenges.

It’s the kind of track you bump in the whip with your fuel gauge showing “E” but you ain’t worried cause you know you’ll get to your destination and back though you’ve proper plan on how you’ll refuel it. The song strikes a balance between one’s struggles and how to get through them while smiling.

I asked The-Mith on how he came up with the concept before the writing and recording and this is what he had to say;
I was at one of the Kwivuga Poetry Night sessions, when Nunu, who used to host it got up and talked about the hardships she was facing. She said, regardless of what life throws at her, she’s ready for it, she is steady. The moment she said that, there was an instant connection. I immediately started working on the song. It took a day writing those verses, because there was so much content to write about.”

The song will be available for download here on the blog and other links below;

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