The-Mith Breaks Down “We Should Go” [Interview + Download]

By Byaruhanaga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

As we wait for the official track list &  official release date of Mr.So UG’s second album “Destination:AFRICA” we decided to catch up with him on this week’s #DestinationAFRICA edition. We had a quick chat about his first single off the album WE SHOULD GO [Download Here] that features Navio & Nigeria’s Ikechuwku plus the progress of the entire album.

QN: What’s good?! It’s good to have you here for this week’s #DestinationAFRICA edition. To start off how far with the album?

I am 95% done with the project. I think. But I’m also a perfectionist, so I am never satisfied with a project. So I might re-record the whole thing all over again.

QN: Let’s talk the first single you released off the album “We Should Go” that features Navio & Ikechukwu. First off why did you specifically choose those  MCs to jump on to the track?

Having two MCs wasn’t the plan. It was going to be The Mith ft. Ikechukwu, but i couldn’t hit some notes in the chorus. Luckily for me, Navio is very versatile. So when I asked him to do the hook, he jumped on it and “We Should Go” was born.

QN: What was the creative process and your inspiration for this particular track?

I had always wanted to work with Ikechukwu. So when i called  him, and he said, ‘send me the beat’, I sat down in studio all day with Sam Lamara and we built the whole thing from scratch. I told Sam I wanted to be challenged and he delivered a beat that did exactly that to me.
As far as inspiration goes, I was just trying to put together a smash. So, that particular was inspired by the sound at that time. I wanted something “current”.

QN: How did Navio end up lending vocal contributions and without a verse on the track?

Funny story. He came through to the studio because the traffic was crazy. So he heard me “saffaling ova deya” in the studio and tried to give me a few pointers on how to deliver the hook.
So I told him to just jump in and do it for me. Initially he was like no, but when I told him it featured Ikechukwu, he did it quick time. He knew the song needed to be done well.

QN: We (at The Tribe UG) have always been interested in the flow of your lyrics. Do you free-flow or do you actually sit down & have an actual writing session in the studio?

With this album, I have been trying to have fun. So  a lot of the verses come up as I am clowning in the studio. I will get a flow that works, stick to it, put words around the flow.
On my previous projects, I’d sit down with a beat for a week, just writing verses for it. This was a lot more fun involved

QN: You’re slated to perform at Navio’s concert, what should we expect? Any exclusive to be performed off Destination:AFRICA?

I have given out too many exclusives. This time I will just do a  proper performance and slide I think. Or may be I will do a Ka exclusive track, you can never know.Just make sure y’all check in to Kati Kati, Saturday August 23rd.

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