The Difference Between UG Hip-Hop back then at DV 8 & Now -Lyrical G [Interview]

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

On Thursday (14th May) Lyrical G will be holding an event at Mask Lounge Bukoto dubbed “Lyrical G & Friends: A Feel Good Music Experience” (entrance UGX 10,000) so I decided to catch up with him to talk about a lot of things in relation to Ugandan Hip-Hop, it’s growth and how it was back then rapping at DV 8 before major hip-hop concerts started.

QN: What’s good boss?! It’s good to have you here at The Tribe UG. Let’s get into it. You’ve 8 albums to your name what keeps you going  in studio & the energy to release a new album every year?!

Hard work and dedication to what I do keeps me going..I’m a big fan of music and love creating new stuff that’s why I try hard to drop an album every year. More-so every album is a step forward in my  growth as an artiste…

QN: Can you walk us through your first two albums? There creation & how the Lyrical G then used to create music from the time he thinks of a concept until it’s executed.

1st 2 albums were a learning is often the case,a debut album will determine if an artiste has what it takes to stake their claim..I was blessed to work with the best in the game(Steve Jean)..hence my Live From East Africa album did exceptionally well both locally and all over the East-African region.
2nd album allowed me to stretch my creativity even further in that I was able to work with other producers and also flex my production a little also allowed me to have control over who and what I recorded.

QN: In the due process of recording all these albums how have you evolved & embraced the changes that have come with the industry while staying true to your art?!

I have grown and evolved into a better artiste..I have been around for a minute and have seen the industry grow and have to embrace change and move with the 8 albums are proof of that.I never compromised my style to satisfy anyone..rather I kept it real from the jump.that’s why I’ve managed to stay relevant for this long.

QN: What’s the difference back when you started out rapping then at DV8 & now where rappers can hold concerts?! Apart from social media of course?!

Difference between DV8 and the present situation is we were able to showcase to many people seeing as we performed with artistes from other genres of music..nowadays you have rappers performing to hiphop/rap fans alone…social media has played a big role too cause now all you have to do is record and create a buzz for your works and put that work out when you feel like it..back then it was almost calculative since you had to compete with many other genres.

QN: As a rapper who has been in the industry for a while & as one of the people who laid a foundation for the UG hip-hop industry what are your thoughts on the current hip-hop landscape in relation to the Ugandan music consumption?!

The current hip hop scene is really buzzing..a lot of new names and faces some of whom I really feel..just goes to show that if you work hard you will get somewhere..keep working..and pushing.

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