Team Lead Felix Byaruhanga Leads Efforts to Plant Over 500 Trees Amidst the Pandemic.

Team Lead Felix Byaruhanga Leads Efforts to Plant Over 500 Trees Amidst the Pandemic.

In a remarkable display of resilience and dedication, team lead Felix Byaruhanga spearheaded an ambitious tree-planting initiative in collaboration with Munansi Green Initiative, despite the challenges posed by the ongoing global pandemic. The event took place at Mubende municipality and aimed to contribute to the worldwide goal of planting 500 million trees within 24 hours. Although falling short of the initial target due to COVID-19 restrictions, Byaruhanga and his team managed to plant an astounding 10,000 trees, leaving a lasting impact on the environment and their community.

As the sun began to rise over Mubende municipality, a sense of purpose filled the air as Felix Byaruhanga and his dedicated team gathered at the designated planting site. Accompanied by volunteers from Stella Marris Junior School, Byaruhanga, the team lead, wasted no time in organizing the logistics of the day’s momentous endeavor.

The journey leading up to this event had not been without its challenges. In the midst of a global pandemic and lockdown restrictions, securing the necessary land for tree planting proved to be a hurdle. However, Byaruhanga’s tenacity and persuasive efforts paid off, as he successfully convinced local farmers to lend them the required space for their initiative.

Felix Byaruhanga Planting a Tree with a Stella Marris Junior School Student

Amidst the pandemic’s uncertainty and limited resources, the team pressed on, undeterred in their mission to make a difference. With shovels in hand and determination in their eyes, they began the task of transforming the barren land into a lush green haven. Each member of the team, fueled by a shared passion for environmental conservation, dug deep into the soil, carefully placing saplings into their new homes.

Throughout the day, the team faced numerous obstacles, including the challenges of coordinating planting sites and adhering to COVID-19 safety protocols. Yet, their unwavering commitment pushed them forward. Their efforts were not in vain, as they successfully planted an astonishing 10,000 trees, leaving an indelible mark on Mubende municipality.

Munansi Green Initiative, the organization behind this transformative project, has long been committed to working with communities to protect the environment. Through their inclusive and educational platform, they aim to instill a sense of environmental responsibility in individuals of all ages. By involving both the young and the old, they create a sustainable solution to the social, economic, and environmental challenges faced by communities.


Felix Byaruhanga’s dedication to this cause, combined with the collective efforts of the team, exemplifies the power of grassroots initiatives. Their determination to carry out this tree-planting initiative amidst the pandemic serves as an inspiration to all who witness their remarkable journey. Their story reminds us that even in the face of adversity, individuals and communities can come together to create positive change.

To experience the extraordinary day of tree planting led by Felix Byaruhanga and his team, we invite you to watch the captivating mini-documentary below. Let their inspiring efforts ignite a sense of environmental responsibility within us all, as we strive to build a greener and more sustainable future for generations to come.

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