St. Nelly-Sade’s Stories Of Elevation [Interview]

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)
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This Thursday (26th/02/2015) the luga-flow Army rapper St. Nelly-Sade who is also the current president of End Of The weak Uganda will be releasing his second studio album “Stories Of Elevation: Omulondo N’Engero” at the Mask Lounge Bukoto. (entrance 10k). The album will cost UGX 15,000 and it will be the first hip-hop album to be released this year out of the many anticipated albums coming out this year. The album release will be accompanied with an MC challengeas one of the projects End of the weak intends to run this year.  I managed to have a discussion with Nellysade about the creation of album, the UG hip-hop industry in relation with rappers establishing themselves as brands and the possible reunion of the luga-flow army.

QN: Thanks for having the interview with us today. First things first, let’s discuss the name of the album any deeper significance to the title of your album, “Stories Of Elevation: Omulondo N’Engero”?

Omulondo is what you can eat and add something on you. You can’t eat ”Omulondo” and stay the same. You either get man power or grow big some parts of your body. I’ve been using this word since last year because it simply reflects the current state of my Lyricism these days, I keep on growing big each day. Engero, these are stories you will find on my album. So, Omulondo n’engero are stories that you will listen to and elevates you. You won’t stay the same. Most of them are true day life stories.

QN: What’s the inspiration behind this album & how has its creative process been like?!

The inspiration behind this album was the desire to make the world a better place. There is a lot of things happening in our communities but we go on ignoring them. Most of these stories are things that happen in our villages, our cities, in the parliament, everywhere. So i got more inspiration from the environment and what i always see from where i come from.

QN: How is this album different from your previous offering “The Translation”? What do you expect to achieve with this album that you didn’t with your previous album?

What makes this album different from The debut album ”The Translation (Okutaputa)” is the growth and maturity in me. From delivery, lyricism and the art of storytelling is different from the last album. Also, this album will be a statement of this generation’s creativity and passion for self expression.

  QN: When working on this album did you have pressure to put out work that’s more dope than your first album “The Translation”?! 

No, the fact that I take time to perfect my craft, I did not have pressure to put out work that’s more dope than the first album. That’s like competing with myself. Haha!! This time I opened my mind to what lies beyond the surface to embrace new ideas, new realms and perspectives. Everything has been moving into the direction I wanted them to be.

QN: As you say that the album is about story telling was it important to you that you feature artists that relate to the stories on the songs?! Which Features should we expect on the album?! 

Yes the album is about storytelling. It has inspirational, entertaining and educative stories. So I was choosing artists depending on what they can do best. Expect the best from The-Mith, Ruyonga, Mulekwa, Agee, Patrobas, Herninjanes, Sonny, Shena Skies, Poetic Ambiance(USA) and Moth.

QN: What are your thoughts on the current hip-hop scene, with emphasis on rappers building themselves as brands? Do you think the UG hip-hop industry can be lucrative?!

I like the fact that rappers these days understand that HipHop is not the biggest genre in Uganda. It’s their role to make a change now. But it also makes me sad when new comers try build themselves as brands with intentions of getting quick money and end up switching to Kidandali that HipHop doest pay. It’s like living your life according to a book written several millenia ago but you call a 5 year old laptop ”outdated”.

QN: Lastly should we expect a luga-flow army joint project sometime to come?! 

Yeah, just like Wu, expect a Luga flow Army reunion sometime to come. Peace and love

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