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The Victory Lap Mixtape is  a follow up to Ruyonga‘s successful & critically acclaimed album Victory Music. It features a lot of  refixes from different African songs and some hip-hop hits of 2013 (let Nas Down JCole, Don’t Kill My Vibe Kendrick & others). I linked up with him and we discussed it and also talked about Krukid.

QN:What’s good boss?! According to your blog u had decided to take a break from music but you are now dropping a mixtape, what prompted the come back?!
The mixtape was already mostly done by the time I’d made the announcement. I’d always intended to give the hardcore fans a special treat for free for all the support I’d gotten this year. Just some easy listening. And I didn’t feel it right to short change them on that one.
QN:So, let’s talk VICTORY LAP, what influenced this tape? Is it a follow up of the “Victory Music” album?!

 It’s actually more of a B-Side extension. The excess energy that had no place on the album which was a defined project. Albums are very constraining for me, and this was how I would let loose during the proccess. Just some nice clever thoughtful music and musical interpretations of music I’d heard and had appreciated for some reason or another. Most of the music on Victory Lap isn’t even originally mine, this tape was really a creative outlet of a different kind.
QN:By any chances did the Krukid (the one who raps, who doesn’t do evil) come out on the mixtape?!
Lol I don’t think so. That chapter in my life is over, there’s alot of unreleased music with his name on it, but this isn’t it. This is for Hip Hop and music heads though.
QN:BTW where can the fans get the old “Krukid-Music”, cause most of them know that you were around from back in the day but they never got chance to listen to it. 
They’d have to Google Krukid or go to Torrent sites and look up my name. That or maybe hope I release some of this other stuff I have, although I just dont know how that would work.  
QN:Okay away from the mixtape, describe for us a typical Ruyonga Studio session. 
I write and record really fast. Many times I write in studio. Sometimes JT will have me leave or do it later just so I don’t do it to get it done. I’m a hustler mang, this music thing is something I was blessed to do. 

QN:What’s your take on the hip hop industry locally right now and Ugandan rappers on the African scale?! 
We have the talent in spades. We just need to seriously work on our image and marketing. And individuality, we seem to copy a lot.

QN: Which mainstream or underground Ugandan rappers have earned your respect and why? Apart form The-Mith & Enygma. 

Tucker HD is a Beast, homey makes it look easy. Big Tril is on the rise, Benny Black is a problem though technically rwandese, Flexx D Paper gets his style on, LG, GNL, Sylvester n Abramz have stayed true, Navio has expanded, different cats are respected for different reasons.  

QN:Which female Ugandan rappers (underground or mainstream) works those bars for you? 
Sphynx, Mai Muna, Keko got bars that’s well known, there’s a few others whose names slip me right now.  

QN: Lastly, any words for the upcoming rappers who aspire to be in your position some day. 
You were never put here to be me. What greatness has God put on the inside of you to uniquely reveal? Focus on that.

In case you haven’t got or listened to the mixtape check SoundCLoud, DatPiff, AudioMack  just google it or follow this link

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