Ruyonga Breaks Down His “ReDefinitions’ Verse.

By Ruyonga (@RuyongaMusic)

I’m the redefinition; they study my rise from the ash like a phoenix and read the Phoenician

-Redefinition/read the phoenician, ancient language, ancient people, originators of the alphabet, the Greeks jacked them alot, one of their kings built the temple of Solomon. The phoenix is the bird of reincarnation and reinvention, it burns to ashes and a new one emerges. Krukid/Ruyonga reference. Also, natives of Phoenix Arizona are called Phoenicians…Old Phoenicians descended from Canaanites. The phoenix associated meanings are Sun, Red, Early Christianity used it as a symbol (Google)

It’s all Greek to me, seek for me in the dictionary under realest emcee’s definition

-Again, phoenician culture really influenced the greeks, the world trendsetters’ trendsetters. As an emcee I aim to write the realest most defining and redefining stuff I can, Dictionary is a book of definitions (Captain Obvious)

Addiction to diction with zero remission, this christian was a former seed of perdition

-Addiction is seen as a sickness, remission is the reversal of a sickness, vocabulary wise I see no cure for me in sight. Seeds are children, and sons of perdition in Christianity is a reference to being children of darkness before Salvation
The game’s on my back, I carry on tradition, I’m Dr. UG if you need a prescription

-The rap game on my back reference, whatever is on your back you carry, I’m a big proponent of the christian, hip hop and traditional home cultures even where they at times conflict. I am all three. Doctors prescribe, doctors prescribe drugs, Doctor (Dr.)UG looked at literally can say DrUG

Get it? We’ll here’s the description,I’m the scribe that you prescribe that’s hard to describe

-Scribes are professional writers, emcees are mordern day scribes, pre is before, de is remove….play on scribing (scribble, subscribe etc)
We fly as a G 5 taking free rides on satellite that’s big enough to need three pilots, Ugandan C Wallace

-References to different objects of flight, G5 is a plane, manned satellites are humongous, C Wallace is Chris Wallace, Notorious BIG
I get to the head quicker than a free stylist, they can’t nail us but they keep filing

-Freestylers go off the head or off the top, could be called freestylists, play off stylists, as in hair stylist, free stylists would probably get more hair work than those you have to pay, nails are filed, we’re like a case they can’t crack but they keep filing paperwork on us. They can’t catch up but they keep trying.
Me and baru A grade so we be solid, majorly laugh when we see minors try to define us

Grade reference, A as in A plus, B is a solid grade, C minus is barely passable, me and Baru are majors laughing alot when we see minors trying to fine us with a D grade/degrade, not happening. Play off the grades and A B C D concept
Caught in the fire of the refiners, only God himself could’ve designed us

-God is defined in the Bible as the all-consuming fire, the purifier, the refiner’s fire. And only he could have orchestrated what we do
My reign on the top, ain’t gonna stop, hate it or not this rise to fame you gone need cable to watch

-This was flow based, unstoppable reign going international, you will need more than access to local channels to fully watch or catch it
With the highest subscription that you could pay for the box sitting ringside by the main stage where the
Watts from the base so loud you hyperventilate from the shock, on the scale of one to five, every
Masterpiece …. That we stage on every stage is similar to a stage six catastrophe

-More cable references, you need the highest international access possible, or the best seats in any building, as close to the speakers (We are public speakers) as possible, as close to the action as you can get. There’s a play on stages, we’re a stage six on the one to five scale etcetera
Amazing as eating maize in a maze preaching saving salvation to a Mason while he’s macing you

-Play on amazing, a maze is a confusing path, maize is corn, masons are said to be illuminati, Anti-Christ, against the message of salvation or being saved… mace is a burning liquid
We’re here to stay so take a picture it’ll help the gaze linger,see the aim of our mission couldn’t stay simpler

-Take a picture it’ll last longer, usually a phrase said to people who overly stare or gaze. We’re around for a while. The mission is simple as explained below
Kill the beat,reveal the kingdom that won’t stay hidden, release the heat and preach the peace all to the same rhythm

-It’s basically saying the message is life and love to everybody but death to every beat
Keep the truth in their ear even if they never listen, lyrical and beat demolition redefinition…

-They don’t hear me. But they will though. The message will keep going out. Kill Beats Spill peace keep refining and redefining…

Shout outs to Baru. New single dropping soon. Pce.

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