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By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)
After the drop of the monster anthem ‘Shut It Down’ the remix CODE had everyone asking where he is at well, he’s been starting a Revolution with the Army Of Code (#AOC). Code bounces back on to our playlists with Revolution a track produced by Josh SB and Samurae (@Lamasam) who crafted a master piece. The track features the talented kushe (@Kusheyvy) who does justice to it with her soothing vocals and the sensei Enygma (@IamEnygma) who delivers his punchlines on point as usual.
Revolutionwas perfectly executed from the word go; the production, topic/message of the song, the choice of people to feature on it in relation to its topic (one new school rapper and one old school rapper) and the perfect timing. Code and Enygma approach the topic with different perspectives which give you the entire package with different views of rappers on the industry.
Code opens the song with two verses giving you an insight of the judgement new rappers face that test their persistance and determination to stay true to themselves and relevant.
Enygma throws some punch-lines to close the song with a verse that’s so relevant with what’s happening in our music industry (UG Artists Vs. DJs Vs. Nigeria/Jamaica Music) thus the perfect timing further proving the start of a revolution not only in the Ugandan hip-hop circles but also in the entire Uganda music industry.
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