REVIEW: When The Sun Sets EP – Shawn Maine.

REVIEW: When The Sun Sets EP – Shawn Maine.

Shawn Maine has returned with his long-awaited sophomore project, “When The Sunsets,” an emotionally charged and deeply personal EP that follows his 2020 debut, “After the Pain.” Over the course of four tracks, Shawn Maine stays true to his roots by diving deep into his vulnerability and weaving stories of love and heartbreak through a diverse range of RnB sounds.

In a tweet, Shawn Maine expressed his excitement for the release, saying, “I worked on this new EP for 2-3 months with @ItsJoshuaBaraka trying to create sounds that were personal to me and very different from what was on the radio and what I’d done before. Proud of what we created and I can’t wait for you to listen to the sounds a day from now.”


The musical journey and experience starts with “These Dreams,” which immediately immerses listeners in the emotional world of Shawn Maine as it sets the tone for the EP with its heartfelt lyrics and poignant sonics. As the most personal song on the EP, he bids farewell to a long-lost love and acknowledges the end of their shared dreams. The vivid, descriptive lyrics paint a picture in the listener’s mind, creating a deeply moving experience.

As the EP progresses, Shawn transitions into “Can’t Be Mine,” a standout track that shares the pain of heartbreak and the realization that love does not justify anger or resentment. The soulful melody and heartfelt vocals on this track make it a standout on the EP. The raw honesty in Shawn’s lyrics reveals a desire for growth and hope for his lost love, reminding listeners that even the most painful experiences can lead to personal development.

The narrative unfolds further with “Resentment,” that serves as a soothing remedy amid turmoil, emphasizing the importance of healing and moving forward without harboring negative feelings towards others. As a continuation from the previous EP, “AFTER THE PAIN,” this track marks the beginning of Shawn’s journey towards healing, offering a soothing melody and introspective lyrics that delve into the challenges of overcoming past hurts.

Finally, Shawn Maine and Joshua Baraka come together on “Tina,” a powerful collaboration that explores themes of betrayal and deceit in a relationship. The song tells the story of Tina, a materialistic lover who leaves Shawn for a more luxurious life, only to find herself unhappy in the end. This collaboration with Joshua Baraka adds depth to the EP, as their voices blend seamlessly together, adding another layer to the story.

“When The Sunsets” is a deeply emotional and intimate EP that showcases Shawn Maine’s undeniable talent for storytelling and his ability to connect with listeners through his music. Each track carries its own unique narrative, allowing the listener to follow Shawn on his journey through love, heartbreak, and healing. By staying true to his roots in RnB while simultaneously showcasing his growth as an artist, Shawn Maine provides a heartfelt and memorable listening experience. “When The Sunsets” is a must-listen for fans of emotionally-driven music and serves as a testament to Shawn Maine’s continued evolution as an artist.

You can stream the EP here.

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