REVIEW: “Prolific” EP by MooTowNoh

REVIEW: “Prolific” EP by MooTowNoh

By @paulothewriter

Celebrities used to be mythical creatures before a college dropout created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room and changed the social dynamics of fame. I remember running into The Mith at a studio in Bukoto back in the day and I almost lost my composure. I was in the presence of a celebrity, an idol, a rap “god!”

There was an exciting mystery about seeing a famous person because they were the white rhinos of our national park called “being a regular person.” If I had not been intimidated by his giant stature and the unreliable battery of my Blackberry, I would have taken a photo with him that day. And framed it!

Mark Zuckerberg, with Facebook and the social media revolution that spiked right after, made celebrities a lot more accessible. Social media penetration means that we have free access to our celebrities and what they are up to. For some, we know the color of your bedsheets. And we can tell that those fingernails belong to a late-night show host when you post candid photos of your weekend lover.

It has essentially demystified the appeal and assumptions that came with being famous. What celebrities have left going for them now, (among many other things of course,) is the demeanor and the poise one bears. It is easy to be famous and accessible now, but what else says that you are? Why should we care? Why should we give you our precious attention?

When I first met MooTowNoh, we were on set filming his Tribe UG Pressplay episode for Pound or Shilling (PoS).Instantly, I could tell I was in the presence of someone that walks, talks, and carries that famous person confidence. The charm of his character stood out like Mark (The Count) literally standing among kindergarten kids and in uniform as well.

It could have been the adrenaline of having just dropped “Pound or Shilling (PoS),” a song many hailed as pointing us in the right direction of urban music, but one can only stay in character for so long.

I met him many more times after that and his self-possession remained the same. This guy is either a good actor or that’s just who he is. Well, that’s him. Sal Deejay also speaks on his character as she interviews him on The Prolific chats – an interview series that rolled out ahead of this EP.

It was therefore no surprise when PROLIFIC was the “tagline” or “catch phrase or word,” that MooTowNoh run with for his brand. It fits. It is perfectly chosen to accurately describe who he is as an individual, and with the EP, as an artist.

Where “PROLIFICthe EP will most likely stand out, for new listeners especially, is in its ability to make you listen. MooTowNoh is so audible and articulate, you hardly beg for a pardon to try and figure out what the last word was. What this does for your listening experience is, it enables you to actually pay attention since you are not competing with an accent you can’t quite place.

This is present throughout the entire 7 track EP.

He writes down things he won’t record, but where he managed to, this EP is a tour into his notepad. On tracks like IIWII, Colors, Pound or Shilling (PoS), Zombies, and Common Sense, where it’s just him, you are given the opportunity to appreciate him without assistance from another talent.

Solo tracks are the best way to show off what you are capable of. The different ranges, themes, and deliveries selected for the solo tracks are clever choices. MooTowNoh is able to demonstrate his versatility, confidence, and comfort when standing on his own.

The writing is clear and precise, the flow is consistent but identifiable. Identifiable, in that you know it’s him without it getting monotonous (MoonoTowNous) for you to be like, “eh! But this guy sounds the same on every song.” The template comes in various shapes and sizes, it’s continuously tweaked to copy without getting caught.

Track 3 is where the magic, the pills and potions, the witchcraft… were all beautifully applied. He features Damzy on the track titled Again and it is an impressive “again and again and again” creation in replay value.

Damzy, what a talent! What a voice! What a surprise! She takes the front seat and drives the song without missing any Apexes, corners, or slowing down on the straights – formula 1 reference, forgive me. Let me explain! 

The pleasant surprise here is her voice and how effortless she makes singing. A brand of singing that she does very well. You might know that she can sing since she has quietly been on a few projects. But you haven’t heard Damzy sing like this.

Again” is the first one where she is wearing her singer persona without any limitations. This is vocally rogue Damzy on a killing spree.
She delivers spectacular ranges when she hits the high notes, and buttery smooth singing when she doesn’t. It was too easy! Beautifully, too easy. Damzy gave “Again” the respect it deserved and it’s evidently intentional in her singing. This makes you appreciate her, and the song so much more.

The bigger surprise on “Again” might be MooTowNoh with his “husky voice” for which he managed to find the right range to blend with Damzy’s without causing chaos. It was an easy mistake to avoid, given that Mark (The Count) is the pen behind this one. Any disorder would have been chased as fast as you’ll hit replay on this song after the first listen.

Papa T and Mxestro are the only other features. They both appear on Vibrations.”

You might know this one, it was an early single off the EP. It still sounds as fresh as the early release and my highlight here is Papa T. He does a tremendous job easing you into the concept, and the flow is suspiciously right, almost like the beat and melodies were created to his flow.

This type of perfect fitting is mastery that reminds me of Bata when we were getting fitted for new school shoes the weekend before a new school term. It is neat and cleanly executed- some say it fits like a glove. (Tweet me if you get this.)

Have I rumbled? Well then, let me conclude:

PROLIFICis a very impressive project from the young rapper MooTowNoh. A fun and very lucrative fact; he produced six of the seven songs himself. To be a powerhouse that writes, produces, sings, and raps is the kind of self-contained that puts Kampala landlords to shame.

You can tell that he respected and trusted the process and the end results speak for themselves. The music is good, the replay value is present and he boldly introduces this version of Damzy who we hope will be a very present voice in the industry.

MooTowNoh understands who he is, what he is trying to create, and the sort of positioning he wants for his brand. He is not afraid to stand out, and who would be with this level of talent? He is the type of talent that intimidates, the scary kind!

In a world where our celebrities are more accessible, one needs to be a master at what they want to be celebrated for, and then they need to wear that with all the confidence that comes with knowing your stuff.


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