By @TheCountMarkula

A lot of great music was released in the first half of last year.  We had fire singles from artists like Matt Travers, Akeine, Ridym, Kohen Jaycee, Tucker HD, Joshua Baraka, Ninja C, Blixxack, The Mith, Byg Ben, Mootownoh, Play 01,… And I won’t even get into the albums by Kenneth Mugabi and Lukas Blacc, because those were a different kind of problem – A good problem of course!  The way 2022 started, set the tone for the rest of the year, a year that ended with so many great singles, EPs, and albums.

The music coming out of the 256 has been straight flames for a while now, so it’s no surprise that 2023 has started with the same energy. DOLV GVNG (read ‘dolla gang’- you’re welcome) decided to join the chat!! Having released a couple of singles over the last couple of years, the young Ugandan artist finally decided to drop his debut EP, titled: $ounds. A title that matches both the artist’s name, and the fact that the sounds on the EP were right on the Money!


If you’ve read any of my reviews, you’ll know that I’m a sucker for a well-arranged project, and this one is no exception. DOLV GVNG starts us off with TRouBle MaKEr, a song that begins with that “Heyo Axon” signature that is becoming more and more prominent. Hearing that the song is produced by Axon builds up the anticipation, and the song does not disappoint. It’s feel-good music, it’s catchy, it’s everything you’d want. It even gives us those throwback vibes as the hook pays homage to Rihanna and Jay-z’s Umbrella.

Having had such a solid start, we can only hope that the EP builds up from there. And, it does! DOLV GVNG gives us the same feel-good vibes on CeLLie, and then, he allows the EP to evolve, as the third song (PerMIt) brings a sound that is reminiscent of that Naija Vibe we’ve come to love in UG. He then throws a curve ball with the next song, showing off his complete versatility on zOoM, which is more trappy. The best part about the diverse musical choices on this project is the fact that we get to have a listening experience that is fun and far from monotonous.

The EP is short and sweet, but it does not leave you wanting. The final song, THiS LoVE, is a total gem. By the time the Luganda appears in that first chorus, you’re already hooked – at least I was. I had to pull up and sing along. This songo! (akayimba kano… )

If I had to make one complaint, it would be that some of the songs (especially CeLLie and PerMIt) end so abruptly, and leave you checking your lights to make sure UMEME hasn’t struck. Other than that, the project is a dope vibe! But, don’t take my word for it, check out $ounds by DOLV GVNG right HERE.

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