REVIEW: BoBV – Lukas Blacc

REVIEW: BoBV – Lukas Blacc

By @TheCountMarkula


On Episode 2 of the new season of #TheTribeUGPodcast, we mentioned Lukas Blacc as one of the young musicians out there that we needed to look out for. We started paying close attention to his work after listening to fire singles like Turn Up, Muliwa and Rent Free, a personal favourite! We knew that he was cooking up some heat, but nothing could have really prepared us for his debut album, BoBV”.

Lukas Blacc dropped the project on Friday 27th May at midnight, and by 1:00AM, some of us were almost done with our second listen (give or take a couple of song repeats). The album was well put together on so many fronts, the first of which was the roll out. Lukas and his team managed to build up anticipation in the weeks leading to the project. They gave us the album art, the track list, the features, dope photos…etc.


Having a good roll out plan is one thing, but following up that roll out with quality music is probably more important. Lukas Blacc did just that! 10 tracks of the Blacc Vibes, and barely one that’s misplaced! The track arrangement was just right. It allowed for a smooth listening experience, and that is probably why it is easy to listen to the project over and over. Lukas went from the Birth of Blacc Vibes intro, to his solo performance on Senorita, on to his collaboration with Akeine on How Far which is swiftly followed by Ebyange featuring Kohen Jaycee. If you haven’t bought into the Blacc Vibes off that fire sequence alone, I do not know how to help.

We have to take a minute to point out something we’ve said multiple times; AXON is a Problem!! The way he has his fingerprints all over a number of recent projects in the UG urban music scene is quite impeccable. He continues to prove his genius as he works with each artiste, showcasing them as they intended. From Cxnrvd’s R.W.A, to Kohen’s Wena II, Akeine’s Niwe Akeine and now Lukas Blacc’s #BoBV… Axon is clearly onto something. Can’t wait to see what other tricks he’s got up his sleeve.


From the songs that we listened to before the project was released, Lukas Blacc is clearly versatile in terms of his sound as an artiste. He doesn’t fit into one specific genre, and as a young musician, he’s probably got a lot more to discover. We are excited to be a part of this journey, and cannot wait to see him grow into his musical shoes.

The fact that #BoBV is a debut album makes it even more impressive. Especially when you know that there’s a lot more to offer. Of course, starting off only means there’s a lot of work that has to go into maintaining, improving and growing your brand. This is always easier if the artiste cares about their craft, and understands the importance of keeping the ball rolling.

An early favourite of ours off this project is Sasila ft. Jenesis. What’s yours?! Listen in, and let us know what you think. Catch the Birth of Blacc Vibes right HERE.

Also, don’t forget to check out Episode 4 (season 2) of #TheTribeUGPodcast, where you can find out how the whole crew feels about the project. Feel free to share your thoughts.

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