Restart – PL@Y (Free Download)

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

2015 in Ugandan hip-hop keeps getting much better as the year moves on. Restart is the new single off Pl@y’s upcoming EP “Mother Daughter Wife. Restart is Pl@y’s first song release since 2011 and as you listen to it you will realize that he has been always creating music for a while without releasing it for reasons (which we will find out in his interview about the EP). Like any other Pl@y you’ve listened to before, expect content & wordplay on this one too but yet also entertaining. Restart is also produced by Pl@y which shows us what to expect on the EP.

Contact PL@Y;
Twitter: @Pl@yofficial256
Facebook: PL@Y

Contact writer;
Facebook: Byaruhanga Felix FeliFed
Twitter: @TheNinjaFelix

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