ReDefinitions – Baru ft. Tucker [Download + Lyrics]

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Year’s 2015, plenty MC’s, put any on any 16 Sweet, just so many whipped creams.. a recipe for a lil dude with some very big dreams Never letting them breathe, they shiver & plead, quiver & bleed, I’m a different breed The way I’m keeping up leads, never been enough need to be switching up speed Can’t see defeat, toe-to-toe, none can step to him Better duck what I direct to him, I wreck, ruin, whatever the best doing like whoever let you win, whoever let you in Hell I suggest you in-hale, I can tell you im-pressed (yup) You been blessed (yup) You’ve been using the press, to bigup you & your chest N then hoping that we bought it, like you are Nyovest Mpa ba rapper bana, ba rapper bana Boyinza okussa mu ring netulwanagana, netulwanagana So Heavyweight, nga ba Straka bana Twali twaagalana, twava wala nebigana netukyaawagana Netukyaawagana, kati abakazi buli mwaka bana Twakazana, akatono akaavaamu era ako ketwagabana Ketwagabana, pockets wasn’t on Kwagalana Ekika kyange teli, ne mu kika kyange teli Ba rapper olundaba bagwa eri, mu rap ndi Kabaka Mutebi. #THD


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Twitter: @BarBeatz

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