ReDefinitions – Baru ft. Ruyonga [Download + Lyrics]

I’m the redefinition, they study my rise from the ash like a phoenix and read the Phoenician
Its all Greek to me, seek for me in the dictionary under realest emcee’s definition
Addiction to diction with zero remission, this Christian was a former seed of perdition
The game’s on my back, I carry on tradition, I’m Dr. UG if you need a prescription
Get it? We’ll here’s the description, I’m the scribe that you prescribe that’s hard to describe
We fly as a G 5 taking free rides on satellite that’s big enough to need three pilots, Ugandan C Wallace
I get to the head quicker than a free stylist, they can’t nail us but they keep filing
Me and Baru  A grade so we be solid, majorly laugh when we see minors try to define us
Caught up in the fire of the refiners, only God himself could’ve designed us
My reign on the top, ain’t gonna stop, hate it or not this rise to fame you gone need cable to watch
With the highest subscription that you could pay for the box sitting ringside by the main stage where the
Watts from the base so loud you hyperventilate from the shock on the scale of one to five, every
Masterpiece …. That we stage on every stage is similar to a stage six catastrophe
Amazing as eating maize in a maze preaching saving salvation to a Mason while he’s macing you
We’re here to stay so take a picture it’ll help the gaze linger, see the aim of our mission couldn’t stay simpler
Kill the beat, reveal the kingdom that won’t stay hidden, release the heat and preach the peace all to the same rhythm
Keep the truth in their ear even if they never listen, lyrical and beat demolition redefinition….
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