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Just another black man with a bad credit
If I ever had a bat car am Prolly gon sell it But I still wanna sing in a Porsche like Nelly Every bump trynna grind hard like Rkelly Cuz I want a couple rooms in a house call home My whole mob bad and straight like Capone Am talking bout Egypt cooks that make Spanish food And some Ghana chic that speak German too Now if u combine ur minds, u can find that my Crew confide in my, mind for a living, meaning We could be walking to ur spot in 5s, offer that u can’t refuse in a second Y u lookin so mad That nigga said I ain’t that bad, Y my nigga gotta sleep with a gat? Y I gotta make ur family sad Real shit But then new Jordan’s I want, Brand new tees that I never done worn Give me that car where the engine roar Give me Benz where 80 per hour real slow But about that, I lay back with a back pack Not packed and a snapbackbthat I flip back Not a sox hat, but em js it gon match it Matter fact, moving with a lean like a hunch back Maybe I can buy myself a mountain Maybe I be showering n sipping water right out of the fountain of Youth, standing in the booth proving am about Hear my thoughts out as am shouting That’s the kinda shit that make me know whenever Ima make whatever I’ll b doin for the sake o Damn doing it Grind for a living so u know am going through with it I ain’t living with the option of blowing it But I get back on my biz I slow down and act am drunk as ish Y u on my biz? Am guessing u ain’t got none of urs

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