ReDefinitions – Baru ft. Ninja C [Download + Lyrics]

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Herninjaness is the title
Ninja C is your rival
Catch me off a flight i’ll be chilling in arrivalz 
Yeah u know i’m balling on another level
Sky is the limit
No time to be idle
Greatness so loud no need to be reminded
Some call me the  Redefinition
This the start of a hiphop revolution 
i’m the femcee on a mission
Full speed ahead No brakes,
That bad chic that change  the game
Out here tryna be great
Let me hear u all say my name
Got All eyes on me
This beat just got
Assasins don’t play games
No i aint done
till i gat you on the run
Gat 99 Problems but a man aint none call me queen bee
sweet mc
rap game firm 
i bless or i burn 
Aint you all learned u cant take a crown that u i aint never ever earned
Let ya’ll be warned
Try to compete well u just got won
There can only be one

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Twitter: @HerNinjaness
Facebook: HerNinjaness-Ninja C

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Twitter: @BarBeatz
Facebook: Baru
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