ReDefinitions – Baru ft. Enygma [Download + Lyrics]

All the spitters and the rappers wanna read my mind, will I kill ’em on a verse or will I please be kind/ Will there be another body that I leave behind, for the police to find, when I release these rhymes?/ But I am redefined. I litter because I ain’t trashing no rappers no more/ I captured the flow, slick as the oil that I spill but Enygma ain’t crude anymore/ I’m refined! Been mining diamonds, redefining punchlining rhyming/ We’re the finest, the shine was mine but now it’s finally time I’m retiring/ Uh! It’s a Game-of-Thrones and you’re sitting on the seat-ya-loss while I’m spitting/ Born in Africa, ain’t none sicker on the mic since Philly you feel me?
I need the President to pardon me. I’m a prodigy. Killing every beat and probably with out apology/ They want racks on racks, I got raps on raps, it’s evident the bars are a part of me/ Is it ’cause I’m from M-bar-ara? Yeah, it’s where they’ll bury me, before anybody body me/ With Baru on the deck, gonna bar U to death, so you better be the baddest tryina bother me/ I’m fly like a lear jet, you’re upset, you’re fly like Aaliyah dead/ Wanna bet? I won the bet because I be ahead. You’re in debt. Bottomline gonna be red/ Like a girl withoutapad or a clean bed/ ‘Cause it’s nappy, now I’m happy, so boo hoo!/ I’m a creative dude, my rhymes are the shit, thats what a creative dude do!

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