ReDefinitions – Baru ft. CODE [Download + Lyrics]

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1minute 36seconds, unh
1minute 36seconds, unh
1minute 36seconds, unh
Verse 1:
Now Have You Ever sat in Corners,
Misguided and Losing Focus
You cant lead, You’re Indecisive, Your Team’s Hopeless
You’re Bleeding from the Same Vices that He got caught with
But it aint got nothin to do with you, Only a Bad Couple choices
And You’re
Steadily fighting the Voices
You’re screaming above all the noises
And You’re
Falling and Falling Again
Praying you stumble across a win, damn !
And Elvis is still in the building
The Lights still on, Man so We gon’ keep rolling
We gon keep rolling….yeah
Verse 2:
Get up out your seat, nigga
Either You Shape Up or get shipped out, What It is, Nigga
Explore all avenues for new revenue
Got your Ducks in a Row
Put the Show on the Road
Better learn to Swim if you missed your boat
Go For Broke, Toe-to-toe
Doesn’t matter if you know the Ropes
All you need is a little more Faith and a Little more Grind
And an Overdose of that Hope
And If Everybody’s doing Nine Yards, You do Ten
For that R-E-D-E-F-I-N-I-T-I-O-N
1minute 36seconds, unh
1minute 36seconds, unh
1minute 36seconds, unh
Album on the way

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