#OffTheMIC:Special Edition By CODE (@TimothyCODE)

By CODE (@TimothyCODE)

Welcome to a Special Edition of Off The Mic. This one is purely for the AOC, the Army of CODE. Riding on the high y’all gave on Tuesdaywhen I showered with Birthday Love, I feel its time (and its only right) that I share my best rap moments as CODE, with you. To whoever reads this; please know that I am glad you are a part of the AOC and that your support means the world to me. The only way I can repay such loyalty is to promise that I give you Great Music, Hit after Hit. With that being said, here are my Top 21 Rap Moments (With Pictures):
1. Meeting Lilian Mbabazi and Peace (Radiocity, Top 10 Countdown) – 2012. 

A Shy Kid walked into Radiocity and told Lilian and Peace that he was going to be a musician and make rap music. Little did he know his words would prove prophetic in the months thereafter. That was the year the Stay Schemin UG Remix, Hands in the Stadium (Owaye) and Shut It Down were born.

2. Meeting Mister Deejay for the Shut It Down Premiere (Radiocity, SNMS) – 2012.

I have always been a fan of SNMS and anyone who knows me knows that. I had just finished recording my single Shut It Down and I badly wanted the world to hear it. I originally sent Mister Deejay Hands in the Stadium but he didn’t play it. I think he will if I get a CODE Power Hour but Shut It Down is the one that he liked more. We discussed Constructive Criticism that night, something all young rappers need.

3. Cooling with Essie, backstage at the Hot 100 Explosion – 2012. 

Essie is like my partner in crime and I call her Lil Sis a lot because she has had my back from Day 1. Ready to hit stages, we got on the Hot 100 Explosion at Hotel Africana. C-Minor (my brother) was there in full support so we weren’t nervous at all. In fact, we almost knew we were going to rip the stage apart. So when the time came, we did what we always do. We SHUT IT DOWN.

4. Twawambye Sessions at GEUrban with Guest Appearences from Enygma and Young Nick – 2012. 

GEUrban was my first musical home when I started out. Met a gang of people there including Aydee Dumba, one half of the infamous NGONI. Frankly, the first session I was star struck but the feeling grew less when the sessions finally checked in. The whole Twawambye Team was present: LP, Levy On The Beat, Young Suma, Essie, Jhay Efekt. Even Stonetown was there, in spirit of course. Those sessions taught me a lot about recording and production so don’t be surprised if you hear a CODE track produced by CODE. We had guest verses from guys like Enygma and Young Nick. Great exposure for a dude who was starting out in this music thing.

5. One Mic Cyphers and On Set with Enygma for a Video Shoot (Benezeri’s Girls From Kampala) – 2012. 

From rooftops in Kamwokya to hidden roads in Bunga, One Mic was a journey for me. So Severe had cats spitting lines like mad men. Found out about a lot of underground MCs like Nemesis, Testament, Suspekt 92 and Benezeri, who later invited me to his GFK Video Shoot. I didn’t make an appearance in the video but again, Learning Experience for me. You know when you hear an MC saying “Man, I Just been a Student of the Game” – These are moments they are talking about. Hehehe…..

6. Celebrity for Charity, Campaign for Life – 2012. 

Location: Royal Suites. Showing support for a good cause. There are types of cancer that I didn’t know about until that day so I am glad I was a part of it. Knowledge is Power.

7. KK and I rocking the AOC sign during the Shut It Down Premiere (XFM, Xzit) – 2012

That has to be one of the funniest interviews I have done. Dude is hilarious. Almost forgot to talk about the song while I was there. You never prep interviews with KK. Its Purely Freestyle. Kenneth, we need to have a chat about  your interview skills. Smh.

8. Recording The Shut It Down Remix with The Mith, Ruyonga, Enygma and Tucker HD (Yego) – 2013

This song has the most interesting story behind it. I can’t even begin to tell you how it went down but I will say this, UG needs more tracks like this. (Allow me to brag). Definitely a Classic in my books.

9. Yego Night, Performing The Shut It Down Remix for the first time – 2013

The Line-up was insane that night. A Show with CODE, Navio, T-Bro, Flex D Paper, Big Tril, Jhay Efekt and Mister Deejay is nothing short of EPIC. And the performances reflected that. I gave the crowd a first listen to Revolution (LIVE) that night. Now that I look back on it, I am glad we “held” onto the song a little longer. The Shut It Down Remix was still banging.

10. Organising an Independent Gig with Row Records in Mukono. The Hive Experience – 2013

 OPU hit me up with an idea to do an independent gig in Mukono and in October 2013, The Hive Experience was born. I must admit, I was scared the turn up would be low since we did it on a Saturday. But it was dope. Great Show, Even Greater Response. Might even do one this year. Who knows?

11. First Kwivuga Performance for the Shut It Down Remix – 2013

Poetry Art and Music in one Event. Totally something up my alley. Priviledged to have worked with Kinetic not once but twice at Kwivuga. My first time was performing the Shut It Down Remix at Gatto Matto. Everyone was on stage. Yes, even the Mith. Plus when the song was done, we jumped into freestyles. Held my ground during a freestyle with Ruu.

12. Revolution (The Song and the Session) – 2014
This song basically set the tone for this year. Enygma and Kushe were brilliant on it. The story behind this song is insane. Again, I feel i would need another CODEConnect session just to talk about it but this track is special. Dare I say it, a Game Changer.

13. Performing Revolution for the first time – 2014

Enygma and I put up a stellar performance at the Champion Concert that night. Something about the darkness and stage lights and not being able to the crowd clearly made the performance even darker than the actual song. Truth fact: I completely forgot my lines 10 Minutes before I hit the stage. Had to find a small space to go over them again with my phone, pacing back and forth till I was ready. Nonetheless, that performance is one for the books.

14. Kwivuga Finale – 2014

The Final Kwivuga Show. You know I had to be a part of it. Dope Night, in my opinion. Gave the audience a preview of Enter The Ring. Daniel Omara was mad with the jokes that night. Something about a rat and a Drake song. Smh. (Only Omara, Only YOU)

15. Performing for my former high school, Greenhill Academy – 2014

Career Highlight. Definitely in my Top 5, if I had to narrow the list. The response was nuts. When you have staff members flipping over Shut It Down, a song you wrote about a year after leaving High School then you know you are doing something right. Coach Abdul should be in the video.

16. Enter The Ring – 2014

One of my best studio sessions so far. The process was seamless and flawless at the same time . A Pass did the hook with ease. My verses were almost effortless. (No I am not bragging…..okay a little). We just had a great time in studio. Very Talented Peeps.  An awesome beat. You know we had to do it justice.

17.Enter The Ring Premiere

Another SNMS Classic. A Pass had me speaking Jamaican on air. Mister Deejay tried as well. *cough cough*. Hehehe.  

18.Cypher Session

 Nothing beats performing to a familiar crowd. You always have the upper hand. Thats what went down at Casa Mukono. They knew the hook before i even sang it !!!! #EnterTheRing
19.Airtel Staff Party

A Corporate Affair / Turn Up. Kazoora in the back on hype duty. DJ Shiru on the Ones and Twos. Airtel really knows how to throw a party.

20.Reaching to Katalemwa.

Celebrity for Charity. Receive Blessings and Give them back. Glad we put a smile on the face of another.

21.Navio Concert

Safe to say, They Know By Now. I am the Poster Child for New MCs. #EnterTheRing

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