OFF THE MIC-CODE [Interview]

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix
As we said, every Thursday will be #CODEConnect in which  CODE gets to interact with his fans. Last week we had #AskCODE in which fans asked CODE questions which went ahead to be among the top trending topics on twitter in the country . In case you missed it just go search for the hastag #AskCODE. This Thursday we have CODE back again under the segment of “OFF THE MIC”. Off The Mic s a segment in which CODE takes  his audience behind the scenes of his rap journey as an artist documented through pictures, short videos and interviews of the people around him and CODE himself. So, this week he waalks us through his studio sessions and writing process.

QN: First tell us about how you develop your concepts?!

I like writing songs. Like actual songs. So for me its more about what am going to say than how i will say. The Illest Punchlines give you respect in a day but a song with meaning gives you loyalty to your brand. Concepts normally arise from a personal experience but in writing i broaden the view so that more people can relate. For example, the concept of Shut It Down is a Celebration of Youth. And alot of people especially in Kampala can relate to a party setting or a celebratory mindset. And the verses reflect that. Verse 1 could be the Alpha Male in his crew who loves music and loves to party. Verse 2 is the same Alpha Male approaching a Female at a Party and playfully flirting with her. Common Scenario and everyone can relate. Thats how i develop concepts.

QN: How is a typical CODE studio session set up like?! Any special treatments you get before jumping into the booth?! Weed, vodka?!

Walk In. Spit Bars. Walk Out. Hehehehe on the real tho, I come to Studio prepared. I practice my verses at home. Go over them. Master the differences in tone so that i know how to say it in the booth. All Except Writers Club (Twawambye Remix) – I wrote that in the studio and recorded the same day. I like clean sessions. No weed No Vodka. Same with my performances. I believe in Clean Energy and it runs from the booth all the way to the stage. Depending on the song, i sometimes do more than one take just to compare. All the Shut It Down Remix verses were done in one take. But i do switch it up occassionally especially if i have a change of tone in the verse. After the first take, its mostly Tweak This, Adjust that. Back-Ups and Ad Libs. I let the producer work his magic with effects after that. I am big on arrangements so when i hear a vocal that i like, i ask the producer to place it where its most suitable. Thats a CODE Session.

QN: Let’s talk about your latest project REVOLUTION, its getting a lot of airplay and attention.What’s the secret behind it?! Tell us about how it came about. (Download Revolution Here)

Revolution started as a discussion i had with Enygma based on a beat from Josh SB. The beat which eventually became Revolution was initially called Krazy Flow. Because i just wanted to flow Krazy on it. But Enygma decided we can do more on the song. We began bouncing ideas around and the “Life of a Hip Hop artist” came up. Challenges. Obstacles. How we are perceived. What is expected of us. And i centered both my verses on that. Enygma took a more current grass-root approach. Seeing the song from the Ugandan eye. I wrote my first 8 bars of the first verse in my room . Then changed the next 8 bars to reflect what a typical conversation about a rapper would sound like. Can He Freestyle ? Is his flow sick ? Can He Battle Rap ? Punch a Line Quick ? All these bits when put together reflect the life of a hip hop artist. I wrote the hook based on the thought pattern most artists have. Asking themselves whether what they do is worth doing. Worth fighting for. Spotlight on them 24/7. Do they entertain or Do they explain whats on their hearts ? I can say Revolution was written in a very introspective mindset.

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