O.P.U Announces 2015 Album “Half Street Half Corporate”

After taking close to 2 years off the Ugandan Hip-hop scene O.P.U is back with a banger.”GET THAT MONEY”. The O.NATION/R.O.W Records artist who on 19th Jan 2015 made a surprise appearance on HOT 100 F.M to promote the 25th Jan Beach Explosion where he will be performing made the surprise announcement. In the close to 40 mins long interview in which he was accompanied by fellow R.O.W Records artist Lethal.
When asked about where he has been O.P.U explained;
“I took a two year break for myself and to get my product ready, I believe in taking my time, but am back now, with my new album “Half Street Half Corporate”.
He explained the theme of the album has a state of mind, a movement and a life style, in his own words “the theme of the album describes the ability to wear a suit and tie to get business done then wear timberlands and a O.NATION t-shirt in the evening, the balance between good or bad, part conformist part rebel”.
So far O.P.U premiered his brand new single “Get That Money” featuring T.Bro & Lethal, production by renowned hit-maker Sam Lamara of Talent Africa Studios and beat by beat maker Izack Young. The rapper was however reluctant to release any more details on release dates, but promised a 2015 release.  
Well for now O.P.U surely has the ears of his fans buzzing with this heavy banger.


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