Mixtape: Kingdom Come – Dagg Mizzo (Free Download)

Mixtape: Kingdom Come – Dagg Mizzo (Free Download)


We’ve been following Hidden Empire’Dagg Mizzo‘s artistic journey for sometime now and finally got the chance to shoot some quick questions his way  in anticipation his sophomore mixtape release ‘Kingdom Come’ which is up for free download just after the interview, a must have mixtape on which Dagg Mizzo flexes his raps, his producing kungfu moves while gassing the musical heat a notch higher, he also pulls in some interesting collaborations with a femcee Janice Aine, Don Pizzle, Ruyonga, ‘Jinja Bred’ Play 01, and amazing spoken word/rapper Wake.

Dagg Mizzo, nice to meet you man, let’s give the fans a brief background of your musical journey so when did you start rapping ?

Technically, I started rapping in 2009 while in Senior 2 at Mengo Senior School, it wasn’t until 2010though when I finally penned my first proper verse, we were goofing around the studio with some friends and it came as the next natural logical move.

And the production?

My production journey started in 2014 which was my Senior 6 vacation, I had so much time on my hands, my cousin’s laptop and a software I got from a producer friend in my Rubaga hood was the genesis.

What’s the motivation leading up to the release of ‘Kingdom Come’?

My spiritual journey was definitely a major kick to get this mixtape out and its evident in the content in the mixtape, situations I went through as an artist and having desire to express myself as a creator through everything, it took me a year or so to put ‘Kingdom Come’ together which is a follow up to my ‘KLA’ mixtape. I wanted to deliver something more solid, defining and with direction in the kind of art I want share with the world, as a producer I have kept on creating, evolving and several times had to switch from lane to lane to what we finally now have as the ‘Kingdom Come’

Speaking of  growth as an artist on ‘Kingdom Come’, what should old and new fans expect compared to other projects you’ve done?

No doubt, there’s growth on this. If you listened to my first mixtape ‘KLA’, ‘Kingdom Come’ is way more superior in terms of structure and content delivery, I’m more composed and know what I’d want out of a project in general, I’m going to make sure that if I drop a project that it’s one that the listener will be feeling and vibing to on so many levels. As a very spiritual artist, ‘Kingdom Come’ was greatly guided by my faith  and I had conversations with several friends and most of all prayerfully listened to God’s voice which reaffirmed my convictions on what I had to say on this mixtape.

Who influences your musical style?

I can’t pinpoint anyone in particular because I’m mostly influenced by experiences and inner voice, which speak to me as Dagg Mizzo leading up to the Dagg Mizzo you’ll feel on Kingdom Come.

How would like ‘Kingdom Come’ to be viewed in the current UG hip-hop space now or even in years to come ?
Hehehe…. life changing, legendary, I’d love for ‘Kingdom Come’ to be a Genesis for the energy I share with world, I built this project self consciously brick by brick until I crowned my castle as seen on cover art.
You can download ‘Kingdom Come’ by Dagg Mizzo here. (82MBs).
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