By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

Earlier this month we got news that Kyle the other member of the UPTOWN music group got signed to a record label based in France. He even went ahead to confirm it via his twitter account(@UptownKyle). So we decided to catch up with him to get details of the contract and this is how it went.

Congratulations on getting signed man…first things first how did your brand and music get all the way to France? And btw some Euros before we get any further.

Hahahahahaha! Thank You! The Euros will come, for now it’s about foundation. How the brand got to France I don’t Know, I guess hard work always pays. God works in mysterious ways bruv.
So how different is this record deal from the past ones that we’ve seen happening in our country?
Record Labels in Europe and America don’t play! They know what they want and they add real value to an artiste. They are very professional! I don’t think we have any record label in Uganda! All we have are booking Agencies! La Cave Musik is a very professional label and the artistes on this label are the real cream!
What about the difference between these other record deals like Keko’s deal with Rockstar4000?
Rockstar4000 is a professional label; it’s an affiliate of Sony Worldwide so that is major! La Cave is no different; the only difference is that Rockstar4000 is based in South Africa Whereas La Cave majorly operates in Paris and Brussels, Belgium!
So where does the record deal leave the other half of Uptown (Remy)?
Just because the deal happened doesn’t mean Uptown dies! It is in fact a good thing for us both. Everything I do Remy is aware of and he is gonna be with me on every flight I take to Paris or Brussels! He is my best friend and it’s hard not to have him with me! He is gonna work as my personal manager as he works on his solo career as well! Uptown will continue making great music, we are so young and there is no point in stopping making Music!
So what has a brother got to do to get on to the plane to Paris with you? What new thing is the label going to add that you’ve been lacking as an artist?

Hahahaha, just be ma homie and may be I can pack you along! Lol. Well, the label is going to be very helpful in my music career! The work of a label is making their artiste a problem! Make the music is everywhere. Europe is a good market so is Africa! So we are focusing on those markets for starters! We gonna be shooting our first video as #TeamKyle in Greece in November
You’re an artist, TV Presenter and the CEO of a brand “KYLE” how do you juggle all of this?
I am just a young Nigga tryna get paid bro! To get money you must multitask! It is challenging but once you know what you are focused on, all this is nothing!
I do believe with all this success you still meet some challenges along the way what are some of these challenges?
I don’t believe its success yet! I am working towards being successful someday! There are so many challenges but to sum it all up, money is the biggest problem. Everything runs on money and when I get it, we can talk about success!
As an artist who has been in the industry, what are some of the things that Ugandan music lacks?
Ugandan music lacks too much! Radio presenters still ask for money to play good music, it is very disappointing! Promoters are all quack apart from a few. The so called labels we have don’t push their artist’s music! Generally, Ugandan labels don’t understand the music business! And what make it worse are the artistes themselves!
Any last words for those artists who look up to you, especially those who want to be signed someday?
I have been an artiste undercover for 5 good years and things are starting to pay off! My only advice is…Keep making good Music! God works in mysterious ways, next time it will be you!

La Cave Musik is located in Paris, France and New York, United States of America and has its headquarters located in Paris, France.It started in April, 2013. It was created and headed as President by Onyeka Nwelue, Founder/CEO of Blues & Hills who is also a writer. Kyle will be joining a family of other artists from different countries like Gina(i_amgina) from Nigeria, Casey(Nigeria), Tee Mac(Nigeria/Switzerland), Onyeka Onwenu(Nigeria/United States). For more info check their website or follow them on twitter @LaCaveMusik.

Finally something I got from the CEO La Cave Musik  Mr.Onyeka Nwelue (@OnyekaNwelue) “Never Quit, Brokenness should be Motivation Enough To keep you searching for the Good Life!”

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