KIGOZI – NAVIO [Exclusive]

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

If  you bumped Navio’s PRIDE then this track must have been one of your favorite off the album if not the best. I would have opened the article with quoting some bars off the track but that’s for next week when it’s released officially. The song is named after Navio’s real name so I guess this gives you a clear picture of what you should expect to listen to.

In addition to releasing the track, Navio will also be shooting & releasing the Visuals of “KIGOZI” with Jim Resley of Shutter films. Jim Resley has handled one of the most huge projects of 2014 like Atlas’s “Aaah”, Keko’s ‘Mutima’, Mith’s ‘Go Hard’ among others. We shall be getting Behind The Scenes of the shoot for you here on the blog.

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