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As we wait for 13th December for the official release of Keko Town’s upcoming P.A.R.A.N.O.I.D mixtape (which we shall be hosting on our blog) I caught up with the rap queen to discuss her mixtape and her general overview of the Ugandan  hip-hop industry.

QN:  Good to have you here, let’s jump straight to the mixtape. Why did it take this long to have a complete KEKO project?!

Hi, I have on the road a lot in my career, obviously after joining Sony it kinda restarted my career new material and all As a writer I needed peace and quiet to put the album together, that’s still in progress but with the mixtape more work is going to be available for the fans as they wait up for the long awaited album.

QN: P.A.R.A.N.O.I.D?! Does the name represent anything to you and can you tell us about the craft/concept behind the entire mixtape?!

It could mean anything but for now it’s simply ‘Paranoid’. I didn’t take any direction every song is a moment in time. My mind races a lot it’s hard to stay stuck on one thing.

QN: What should we expect on the mixtape?! do we get to listen to the KEKO on tracks like ‘How We Do it’ or the KEKo on songs like “Let Go’?!

There’s only one KEKO everything you hate and like. I know you miss me going over rap beats may be this could be your chance to judge me.

QN: To a certain extent do you think the mixtape is a reflection of your upcoming album?!

I can’t say if it’s a reflection of the album, I’m spoiled from loving a lot of variety my music is like a supermaket.

QN: You happened to be one of the major performers at the End of The Weak rap Queens show. Why do you think there’s a wide gap between upcoming female rappers & well established rappers like you?! And how can that gap be bridged?!

I mean it’s all about being relevant nowadays. Its harder now to stay original when standards are being set by Nicki and Iggy. I wish i knew the formula but I’m still learning.  I guess it’s try to do the right thing and pray to God.

QN:  Finally your top new skool rappers in UG (including femcees) in no particular order?!

I don’t think there’s been any new stand outs. I have been in the game 4years now nothing new still.

Watch behind the scenes of Keko’s upcoming video ‘Mutima’ off her mixtape here.

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