iZAYA THE COMPOSER – Stinkin Rich [Album]

iZAYA THE COMPOSER – Stinkin Rich [Album]

iZAYA THE COMPOSER’s debut album titled Stinkin Rich was Inspired by a BBC documentary he watched during the COVID 19 Lockdown titled “This is Congo” that precisely depicts the unfortunate state of affairs of many African countries with poor leadership.The album title was inspired by the fact that Africa is arguably the richest continent on this planet and yet the poorest in many ways.

According to iZAYA, It is our responsibility as Africans to show the next generation the true potential of our great continent and to reveal to them our true identity- beautiful, wealthy, intelligent, generous, confident, hospitable and loving, strong-willed yet willing to learn etc… and not that image of the malnourished baby with houseflies on its face that’s so popular on Western TV screens.

Africa needs to be rebranded, enjoy the music!

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