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The past couple of years have been quite eventful for Trap’kid Brizzy. The young rapper has been on a major journey that kicked off with his audition for the MTN Pulse Rap Battles. Trap’kid did not just participate in the competition; he put in the work and made it all the way through to the end, where he emerged victorious and took home the 15 Million Uganda Shillings cash prize.

We got a chance to sit down and talk to Trap’kid Brizzy, so he could share some insight into this whole experience in his own words. We started by asking him about the mentality with which he went into the pulse rap battles.

At first, I knew that I wanted to do music, but I had more interest in dancehall and RnB. I knew that freestyling would not be easy, but I came in ready to challenge myself and gauge myself next to real battle rappers.

What was your toughest challenge during the MTN Pulse Rap Battles?

The competition had many interesting challenges, but there was one where we had to freestyle in the market, and I was feeling a bit shy because I was worried that people might think I am crazy. That was the most difficult one for me.

What was your favorite moment of the whole thing?

My favorite moment from the MTN pulse rap battles is probably one of my favorite music moments ever! We had a challenge where we had to rap at City Square and attempt to attract a crowd. I was successful. People were excited, and it made me happy because it was validating the work I put in.

One of the rewards for winning the MTN Pulse Rap Battles was a 6-month mentorship program with UG’s very own, the Legendary NAVIO! MTN granted both Trap’kid and runner-up, The Homie, a chance to learn from the best. We asked Trap’kid how much he had learned from the numerous sessions with Navio and how much influence this might have on the music he makes in the future.

Listen, Navio is a REAL LEGEND. It is not just about the music! It is beyond that! His level of impact is different! I learned so much from him. He shared so much knowledge about so many things; from humility to teamwork, making music with a message, keeping it real, emotional attachments, Relatability… He really changed my perspective, and it’s part of the reason why I’m “True Real And Proud”

After the long apprenticeship, MTN together with Skyline Media and The Tribe UG organized the MTN Pulse Rap Battle Showcase. The two winners graced the stage, alongside a number of other UG Hip Hop artists like Navio, Flex D’ Paper, Recho Rey, 1der JR, Babaluku, and Lady Slyke. We asked Trap’kid what it was like to be on a big stage with so many big artists. (Especially in these “covid times” where shows and performances have been scarce)

Let me tell you something that happened; I got into an accident on my way to the showcase. I had injuries on both my legs, as well as my right palm, the one that holds the mic. It was as if God was testing me, but I had to push through and get it done.
I mean, it was like a dream come true. Beyond dreams! It was MAGICAL! We grow up seeing some of these artists and never expect to meet them, let alone be on stage next to them. It was an amazing experience.

After the performances, Trap’kid Brizzy received a Plaque from The Tribe UG for successfully completing his mentorship program. We had to ask him about the experience of receiving it, and what he had done with it.

I REALLY value all my achievements. When I chose to get serious with this music thing, I was doing exams at the university. I had to make a decision. I left uni(Law) to do this, and winning was the ultimate reward for the sacrifice. I treat all the achievements like graduations; every win is a graduation to the next level.
The plaque was an amazing thing to get. I took it straight to my mother. She was super proud. She is supportive and she is very happy with the decisions I made. Receiving the plaque from The Tribe UG inspired me because right now, I feel like I need to figure out what to do to earn more plaques. I can’t settle. I have to strive for more.

In case you thought that was it for the winner, you thought wrong. MTN made sure the winner came out with an album. Trap’kid Brizzy’s debut album T.R.A.P (True Real And Proud) produced by Mio Made is officially out. We asked Trap’kid about his experience making the album and working with one producer to put together a body of work.

I would not have it any other way. Mio Made is special. Our connection is special. This is definitely not the end. I would love to continue to make more music with him. I am lucky to have had access to a producer that completely understands me and knows how to complete my ideas. I explain what I want from a song, and he immediately gets me and brings it out in the production. It made the whole thing come easy.

At the MTN Pulse Rap Battle Showcase, Trap’kid performed Ngwala ft. Flex D’ Paper and The Homie. Trap’kid told us a little about his experience working with the Homie (especially after competing against each other).

We have always been on the same side. Even when the competition was still on.
Now when it came to the studio session. It was easy because it was a vibe. We were already having a good time, and the music just came through with the same energy we had.

Believe it or not, the rewards are not yet done. The Tribe UG brought IV League on board to direct and shoot a music video for Trap’kid. The music video for his single Me Myself and I is also out. We asked Trap’kid Brizzy about his thoughts on getting an album and a video released all at once.

It’s a Blessing! I always knew I wanted to make music and do it big, but I had no idea how I was going to do it. I was not sure how I was going to pay for the studio sessions or the music videos. This is why I am very thankful to MTN. I do not take this lightly. I will forever be grateful to them because many people out there are talented, some even more talented than me, but I am the lucky one that has been given this opportunity.
As a Muslim, I can only say Alhamdulillah!

Check out the video for Me, Myself & I:

Someone pointed out that winners of singing shows all over the world tend to vanish off the radar the moment the buzz from the show is done. The person said that this might be because they have won, and tend to make the mistake of thinking that their work is done. In one of the video packages for the MTN Pulse Rap Battle Showcase, Trap’kid himself mentioned that one of his biggest weaknesses earlier on was his work ethic. We had to ask him if he was now ready, willing, and motivated to break the “winner’s curse” and put in the necessary work to take on the UG music industry that is not always easy to navigate.

I always like to be honest with myself. Like I said, I’m True, Real And Proud. I knew that I had a weakness when it came to work ethic, and I had to acknowledge it in order to correct it. That is why I can say that it is a thing of the past.
In addition, God gave me a blessing. Just after the win, he gave me a son. My son is now my biggest motivation. I know I have to put in the work continuously because my son has to eat. The music is supposed to put food on the table, so I have to work hard in order to take care of all my responsibilities.
Finally, my dream has always been to bring the UG sound to the world. It won’t happen easily, but I can’t stop until I have achieved this. Right now, I have the first entry on my musical C.V, but I have to add a lot more.

Trap’kid seems to be a man with a plan and we cannot wait to watch him grow as an artist and achieve his dreams. As usual, we had to end on a lighter note and ask Trap’kid Brizzy to let us know some of the Ugandan artists he would love to work with in the future.

I would love to work with talented artists who have amazing energy that I can be able to feed off in one way or another to create great music.
I would love to work with Azawi, I’m sure we all see how talented she is, and how she makes music we can easily relate to.
I would love to work with Navio. I didn’t want to say it, because you might think I’m biased. But seriously. Navio is amazing! He’s a true legend. I love Navio.
I would love to work with Kent & Flosso. Their energy is just perfect!

This marked the end of our chat. Don’t forget to check out the album on your platform of choice HERE

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