GRITTY CYPHER 2 [Review + Download]

The Tribe UG- Oct 23, 2015 0

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)When discussing 2015 hip-hop projects, CYPHERS will come up and you won’t miss talking about the GRITTY CYPHERs. Gritty cypher 2 is a follow up of the first “Gritty Cypher” which dropped 6 months ago with a video to accompany it (you can check It out below). ... Read More

#UGCYPHER2 Verse Of The Day – Tucker HD

The Tribe UG- Sep 22, 2015 0

"Awesome familia, Martha Smallz in the rear/In stu my Saba Saba sings in a voice so familiar to Maurice's, Kirya/Ill? it'll forcefully heal ya, remorsefully kill ya/ In the zone, I'm Chuck Norris, mic's on Ima off a superior/ Flow splendid, they're all offended/ Their careers, kill 'em all off. ... Read More

AYAYA – Navio ft. Mr Blue [VIDEO + DOWNLOAD]

The Tribe UG- Jun 29, 2015 0

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)In one of Navio’s recent radio interviews he talks about how one of his missions for 2015 is try and bring the east African community together and he continues to say that “as a community we have too much power that’s why I’m calling my upcoming album ... Read More



The Tribe UG- May 16, 2020 0

As we stay unified in the stance against the corona virus pandemic, UG Hip-Hop is in the booth to take through the lockdown. So here's the thing, as you know the quarantine/lockdown is ongoing. So we asked ourselves what we can do as UG Hip-Hop. We couldn't go live on ... Read More


Who Got Next?

Who Got Next?

ARTICLESThe Tribe UG- April 12, 2021 0

One of our main goals at The Tribe UG has always been to see the UG Hip-Hop industry grow. In episode 002 of The Tribe ... Read More

EXCLUSIVE: A Chat With The Homie, Life After MTN Rap Battles, Debut EP & UG Hip-Hop.

EXCLUSIVE: A Chat With The Homie, Life After MTN Rap Battles, Debut EP & UG Hip-Hop.

INTERVIEWSThe Tribe UG- July 17, 2020 0

One of the things the UG Hip-Hop Awards do is introduce new acts to the Ugandan audience. This year it was beyond the usual as ... Read More

O.P.U KobokoBoy – Since I Returned Home E.P  (Vol.2)

O.P.U KobokoBoy – Since I Returned Home E.P (Vol.2)

ARTICLESThe Tribe UG- July 4, 2020 0

West Nile’s top hip hop artist O.P.U KobokoBoy who won the MTN Northern Rapper of the Year 2019 at the Uganda Hip Hop Awards has ... Read More