GRITTY CYPHER 2 [Review + Download]

GRITTY CYPHER 2 [Review + Download]

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

When discussing 2015 hip-hop projects, CYPHERS will come up and you won’t miss talking about the GRITTY CYPHERs. Gritty cypher 2 is a follow up of the first “Gritty Cypher” which dropped 6 months ago with a video to accompany it (you can check It out below). The Gritty Cypher is a brain child of Cheno Billy who is a hip-hop critic and activist whose main aim with these cyphers is to promote “slept on emcees” as he describes it. So, on his cypher you get a fresh new line up of rappers like Ajo, Mal X, Tigoh Dtrick, Egwe , Gbaraspoken,though some who made an appearance on the first cypher still come through like Payne Keelah.

Still with the same producer 207 of the first Gritty cypher, who I personally think can’t miss in the discussion of 2015 UG hip-hop producers Cheno brings versatility on the cypher through rappers like Egwe(who raps in luganda) whom I first encountered back in the day when i was still doing behind the scenes work for 100 Acres Entertainment his label, so It’s refreshing to see him on a major project like this one. Then you’ve Gbaraspokenwho raps in lugbara which goes further to show you the penetration of hip-hop in Uganda and versatility of this cypher. Most rappers on this cypher have complete projects like Ajo’s  Mixtape “Rap Music I Sing”, Payne Keelah’s “16 x 16 = 256 Bars” and Mal X’s “Demonstration”so if It’s your first time to listen to any of them “spit” go get those projects. Download the Gritty cypher here

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