GO HARD – The-Mith [Song Review]

By Byaruhanga Felix (@TheNinjaFelix)

In my last blog-post I introduced Mr.So UG’s ‘Go Hard‘ with a snippet; in case you’re just getting to know “Go Hard” it’s the the second official single off The-Mith’s Sophomore album ‘Destination:Africa’.

It’s packed with heavy lines that The-Mith accurately delivers  on a chilled trap-ish hard beat produced by one of the top UG hip-hop producers, Aethan and Samurae. On this track he gives a reason to his rivals why he is at  the top level and he is not there to claim the spot but to own it.
“Here’s a track for my rivals/

I’m taking all of their titles/

So clear the track for my arrival/

I came, I conquered/

Run the game without no sponsors/

Topped the game from all 4 corners/

Bruce Wayne/ no Joker/”
As you go ahead to listen to the track you notice that The-Mith has mastered the art and his craft is on point. With tracks like Winner and Go Hard being released it shows you a clear picture of what to expect on the entire album. 
Listen To GO HARD here.
Get GO HARD Lyrics here.
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