By Yuriy Grigoryants (
poet, writer, spoken word artist)

Poetry is an acronym for “SOUL Happenings“…Time travel to the past, future and back again… Poems are one of the natural wonders on our Earth, part of man’s nature, in certain ways they are like all other creatures surviving in the wilderness. When poems are seen as living beings, individual entities, they can take away your breath, their very existence can change your life, truly shift your understanding of reality. The vision of Drew De’aloi Ayeni flies to unlimited heights, yet it appeals to a reader, as it vibes in unison with our thoughts and feelings, which we through away as something that prevents us from succeeding in daily routine (making money, despising, envying, or even fighting neighbour, etc., etc., etc.). Drew did not through them, as we do, he decided to work with them and see what’s good in it for all of us. As for the form: it’s amazingly masterful, with the abundance of “SMART” words, yet it is entertaining, engaging (I am sure many of us will dive into dictionaries after reading his poems). The style is very rhythmic, singing every word. He calls himself the African Wordsmith, and he is. But that playful attitude towards chosen words somehow intertwines with depth of thoughts, spirituality… lots of love for fellow human beings. His poetry is what I call “real food plus dessert for the mind”, as opposed to “chewing gum” of many of modern writings. The most important thing is, that he stands out among the majority of poets who try so hard to be “down to earth” with chosen topics and style, that they forget that we can fly. Drew’s thought flies freely, and he is not afraid to fly and invites his readers to this flight with him in a very loving, amicable manner. I think you should allow this contact to take place, because once it has happened you will want to return to it and double check. Was he so bold? Were those insights so true? Was he really speaking to me? Yes. Yes. Yes and yes. These are poems for all who are willing. These are poems for you.
GEMS OF WISDOM  will have an audio version voiced by Rugged Made(rapper) and it’s release date is yet to be announced. In a few days we shall have a 1-on-1 interview with Drew telling us all about the book and how it can be accessed.

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