Flex D’Paper: ‘Not For Sale’

Flex D’Paper: ‘Not For Sale’

Flex D’Paper officially held the listening party his ‘Not For Sale’ mixtape over the weekend at the German Cultural Institute/Alliance Des Franciase. The small but well attended event kicked off at around 8pm with the tracks off the mixtape played as Flex D’Paper was interviewed about the journey and inspiration for each track, he reiterated that the mixtape is named as a statement support to ‘No Human Trafficking’  that is currently estimated to affect 21 million people globally, all this was punctuated with selective performances as demanded by those in attendance, arguably the most hyped song ‘Yenze Aliko’ of the mixtape was performed twice. More performances followed right after the mixtape by the younger generation of rappers ushered in by Pryce Teeba whose performance climaxed at the Nvuga Kampala remix, Byg Ben then brought that ‘Wenzelesa’ and ‘Ndolelele’ energy but without doubt one of the highlights of the event was the freestyle session led by Hertz Fauzan, HABO and Play 01, and then more perfomances from K.S.L., Mickey So-Low and Keinoh.

Those in attendance could also support Flex D’Paper by buying the Rapaholix merchandise that was on sale, here are some pics from the event taken by Papa Shot It.

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