EXCLUSIVE: Ajo Breaks Ground On New Album Titled “African Reality”.

EXCLUSIVE: Ajo Breaks Ground On New Album Titled “African Reality”.

Last year saw Ajo being nominated for Album of the Year and Rookie of the year. Fast forward to 2017, Ajo is back on his grind working on his album titled “African Reality”. According to Ajo, it will be a 14track album and will be coming out later this year. Ajo says he is working with with different producers such as Nase Avatar, Mike 256 & Mwoglii (Nxcco Freeman).

“Just as the title suggests, it was written from a Pan-Africanist inspiration point of view.” Ajo describes the album. “Its divided into two sections based on the subject matter. Section one is the “African” section which focuses on Africa from the moment of colonialism and white rule and takes us through a journey of struggle, self-awareness then independence. Section two is the “Reality” section. It is also a more personal section of the Album as i go through pages in my own Reality as Ajo and my experiences as an African.”

As he leads up to the single Ajo says he will be releasing a singles and the first single titled “Transcend” off the album drops this month . The single will be from the “Reality” section of the album and you can stream/download it exclusively here on The Tribe UG

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